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How to solve the oil leakage of large grinder?

2020-02-20 1561

  The oil leakage of the surface grinder is the most headache for many users. However, it is only necessary to master the causes of the oil leakage of the surface grinder and the discrimination method, and put forward the improvement measures for it. The effect is good after using. In general, oil leakage of surface grinder is caused by the following primary problems:

  1、 The dust-proof plate at both ends of the worktable seeps oil. Generally, the surface grinder is not installed carefully. The screws fixing the dust-proof plate gold penetrate the two ends of the guide rail, and the oil seeps out directly from the guide rail. The solution is that the screws of the surface grinder are wrapped with raw tape and sealed with adhesive.

  2、 If the oil volume is too large, open the rear oil tank cover, and use a slotted screwdriver to separate the oil valve switch. Clockwise is to adjust the oil volume to small, otherwise to adjust the oil volume to large. Generally, the oil volume is locked clockwise and then rotated to loosen 1 / 4. The oil groove on the wear-resistant plate of the surface grinding machine for guide rail is not opened well, which is too shallow or not opened to the position, and the oil can not flow out of the surrounding area, so it should be opened from the beginning to the place; the oil hole is blocked, and the oil is forced out of the guide rail, which is generally caused by too sticky or dirty oil, so replace the oil type or finish the oil way. If the old surface grinding machine is generally blocked by the dirty oil way of the guide rail, it is OK to clean and change the oil.

  3、 The front and rear screw rod leaks oil. If the new surface grinder leaks oil, the front and rear telescopic sheaths of the screw rod are not installed, the screws at both ends are not locked or the sealant is not installed properly. If the old surface grinder, the screw rod sheath shall be replaced and the sealant shall be applied from the beginning.

  In the future, if the surface grinder breaks down, it is necessary to find the correct reason and solve the problem conveniently.